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castle of the gherardesca


Castagneto Carducci is the first in Italy and the third worldwide with the recognition given by the EEC to seaside resorts with the services more efficient and cleaner sea. Castagneto Carducci is a small village placed at the base of a hill on which relief dominates the castle of the Gherardesca. The name derives from Castagneto "castaneam" far from thinking of the strong link with the chestnut forests. Although it is unusual for the fact that today the area is a small chestnut and that nutrition-based chestnuts and 'always been uncommon. The most logical explanation makes us think that the castango be used for its timber and not for its fruit. Castagneto is the place most of the territory formerly Municipal mentioned, but we do not know their territorial limits, nor knows how centuries later ricomparve among the possessions of the Counts of Donoratico. The population was always struggling with Della Gherardesca for the enjoyment of civic uses. In a 1778 ruling assigned ownership of land to the Counts and civic uses to castagnetani only in 1788 the population for the first time was granted the land. In subsequent years, however, the contrast is increased to the point that in 1847 a rebellion broke out, convinced that the Grand Duke Leopold II to grant "preselle" and other minor claims. His conformation housing consists of old and new private property was the first to spill near the mythical village, then in the areas below the Orti, Fontanella, Costia to Mandorli, Casina and Biancuccio. The ancient county remained over time "THE LAND GHERARDESCA" simplified "LA GHERARDESCA". But inside it had taken consistency small communities: Bolgheri, Donoratico, Castagneto, Florence in 1406 had constituted autonomous municipalities. With the unity of Italy, the territory was appointed by the name of Castagneto Maritime instead of the old "Community Della Gherardesca. Joshua died in 1907 Carducci and the Municipal Council decided to change its name in Castagneto Carducci.

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